AbegNaija Music Reviews How Social Media Influencer,Dancer And Singer, Teee Dollar Became Famous On Social Media.

AbegNaija Music Reviews How Social Media Influencer,Dancer And Singer, Teee Dollar Became Famous On Social Media.
The popular Nigerian music blogger, AbegNaijaMusic CEO 2t Brain, Reviews  How the popular Nigerian Social Media Influencer, Dancer and Singer, Teee Dollar became famous on social media.
Multi-talented Nigerian social media influencer, dancer, singer and entertainer, Babatunde Olaitan Peter popularly known as Teee Dollar is effortlessly shaping the future of music with his unique creativity and diverse idealogical deliveries.

Since 2022 till date, social media aficionado, Teee Dollar, was a regular user of Youtube,TikTok and Instagram, Babatunde Olaitan Peter, aka Teee Dollar wanted to make a name as an influencer in his right.

I started my dancing career since year 2021 alongside my colleagues in School, Then i started posting my dance contents to Youtube and Tiktok.

What I basically liked from TikTok was acting, But then, I saw trends on TikTok that I really loved. When I got to know about TikTok and I saw the trends.

From beginning content creation on TikTok in 2021, Teee Dollar has grown to become one of the most influential creators on the platform with a followership of over four million people and more than 120 million likes across his videos. All of this means that he has become a beacon for musicians and brands looking to leverage his popularity on the platform. Whereas other countries and regions have some sort of monetization policies for their top-earning TikTok creators, Nigeria is yet to get that.

For now, there is no monetisation for Nigerians. There are people that are paid for the number of views they have from their videos. But Nigerians are actually not paid for that. So, content creators have had to find creative ways to make an income from the platform.

We get our money from brand promotions. I feel like TikTok and Instagram is like a family, and once you are in that family, they take you as their own. So what they do is, if you are influencing a particular thing, maybe unintentionally and people get to love what you are doing, just like other influencers, then you can get paid from basically music and brand promotions, Teee Dollar explains.

According to Teee Dollar, he expects TikTok and Instagram to grow bigger over the coming years and open his up to more opportunities to collaborate with brands and individuals across industries.

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