Celebrity Sex Tape – Why do they film themselves?

Celebrity Sex Tape – Why do they film themselves?

It’s been weeks since sex tapes talks took over the Nigerian social media space. Social media in Nigeria and Africa by extension went agog over the alleged released sex tape of Nigerian artiste Tiwa Savage. The pop singer and mother of one had earlier hinted her fans about a possible leaked sex tape of her and her unidentified lover from people who want to blackmail her. She had vowed that she would not succumb to the threats just for doing “something natural.” A video showed an unclad lady being thrusted, with many social media users suggesting it was Tiwa in the footage. Some criticised the singer for allowing her to be filmed while others wondered how such a “sensitive” video found its way online at first.

Few weeks ago, the talk of the town was another leaked sex tape between Instagram dance queen JaneMena & the controversial Kpokpogri. There was also a rumored released sex tape of former BBNaija duchess Nengi, though many of her fans rebuffed the news, saying the person in the video only looks like Nengi but not the brand ambassador.

It’s a world of sex tape

      Sextape of Pastor Omatsola

Celebs aren’t the only people who make sex tape or whose sex tapes have been leaked online. Non-celebs also participate in this act – while many video themselves intentionally, some are set up with hidden camera or caught in action. The sex tape of a pastor having illicit affair with an unknown woman also surfaced some days back, in what was a week on continuous shocks. Two years ago, there was also a leaked video of two Babcock university students which caused uproar online.

Sometime last year, the sex tape of some youths adjudged to be Lautech students emerged which showed them engaged in a threesome. There was another alleged to be about a university lecturer who was caught in room with a 300 level student.

In 2018, the sex tape of Apostle Chris Omatsola with a lady identified as Princess Tamaratokoni Okpewho was the talk of the town.

Chief Willie Amadi, a lawyer, and Federal Commissioner, Imo state office of the Public Complaint Commission also had his sex tape released early in the year.

Historical View of celebrities’ sex tape


Sex tapes have always been since time immemorial, as people love to film themselves and their lovers engage in lovemaking. Former American a sportscaster, model, actress and former Miss Ohio, Jane Kennedy is considered the first celebrity to have experienced the embarrassment of a sex tape scandal. The footage was stolen from her house and reportedly features a fairly extreme act. This happened in 1980.

Since then, footage of celebs having sex with their partners – fellow celebs or not have become popular. While some have gone to become popular through the release of their sex tapes, many have suffered from public embarrassment & criticism. Celebrities who became famous through sex tape release include Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, etc.

Based on culture & strong moral values, Nigerians frown excessively at sex let alone It being seen by the public. It’s hard to hear Nigerians involved in this subject matter but the recent ones who made news calls for a question –

Why do celebrities make sex tape?

To reminisce on fun moment

Sex with the right person brings unexplainable experience such that one would wish that moment continues. For this reason, many celebs including non-celebs video themselves with their partners, which serves as a memorial to good time had together. For many of these celebs, they did this before they became very popular especially in their younger stage. However, their popularity is targeted and when the sex tape gets into wrong hands, it gets released.

Just for the fun of it

Some other celebs film themselves having sex just for the fun of it, not necessarily because of any fun memory. This is common to those who see this as an a norm. In this case, it isn’t the wish of the celebs to have their tapes released – unfortunately, it happens when the video gets into the wrong hands who use this to threaten or defame the celebrities.

To become Famous

This was the case of lifestyle celeb Kim Kardashian and singer Ray J, whose sex tape made in 2002 but released in 2007 brought the former into limelight , giving her a fame that continues till date.

Only months after the tape was leaked, Keeping Up with the Kardashians debuted on television — prompting many critics to claim that Kardashian herself orchestrated the release of the tape as a marketing ploy to enhance the popularity of her new reality show.

Since then, the now business woman has moved from strength to strength in terms of fame and social status.

Socialite, Paris Hilton is another celeb who became very famous with the release of her sex tapes –

To sell and make money

This was the case of American TV Personality Farrah Abraham who admittedly said she hired porn star James Deen to have sex with her in a 70 minute porn tape. She sold the video to Vivid Entertainment for $1.5 million. The tape attracted more than two million visitors in just 12 hours Monday, breaking the record held by Kim Kardashian and and Ray J — which attracted 600,000 during the same time frame. However, the Kim’s sex tape is still the highest selling sex tape in history – Kardashian reportedly received $5 million from Vivid, giving the company the rights to distribute the sex tape, back in 2007. Today, the 34-year-old reality star is reportedly worth more than $65 million. Ray J, a rapper-actor-music producer, who was Kim’s lover at the time of the making of the sex tape, is worth a reported $6 million.

Do sex tapes help or hurt a celebrity’s career?


It pretty much entirely depends on the celebrity, and their circumstances.

For some, it can be pretty uncomplimentary, especially if the celebs carry a fairly honorable image, and some people that leak the videos may use this to try and paint that celebrity in an unfair light (generally female celebrities).

For others, it can have little to no effect. When Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photos, along with several other female celebrities, got leaked last year, most people were fairly appalled at the immense breach in privacy, and stood behind her. One would argue the incident had little impact on her career (her private life, on the other hand, I’m sure was substantially impacted).

The released sex tape of Kim Kardashian gave her a negative symbol in public eyes. Kardashian admitted to being “embarrassed” by the release of her sex tape, saying the tape made it that much harder for people to take her seriously as an entertainer. Kim Kardashian Still Makes $360,000 Every Year for Her 2007 Sex Tape.

Tiwa Savage had already said she isn’t disturbed about the release of her sex tape, declaring she enjoyed every bit of her sexual experience with her lover. With the support she has gotten from her fans, her career might not be affected, same as her mental health.

Should Sex tape be made?

Celebrities are adults and they know why they film themselves while having sex. There isn’t a yes or no answer for adults to make sex tape; however, they should learn to come to terms with the consequence of their actions if the tapes are released.

To this end, they should be extra careful when doing this and make sure they keep their nude tapes securely from the hands of people especially hacker who target celebs and might use these tapes against them.

People should also be advised to desist from blackmailing and threatening celebrities with the release of their sex tapes. People should remember that these celebs are humans whose careers, self image, and mental health can be destroyed with the release of their sex videos.

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