Buy That shoe.. Na investment too for your Music. #RaymistManagementCompany

Buy That shoe.. Na investment too for your Music.

The title of this article was born as a result of me battling with my thoughts of whether to buy a shoe or not. I'm into Show business and I know quite well that looking good is important but I wasn't too sure whether buying this shoe would be the right move now or not..or maybe I should just invest it into something else... But lo and behold, This "Title" cleared all my wondering and I paid for the shoe.

I'm sure by now, you are wondering how does this help my music!? Or how is it an investment towards making your Music popular...Well it does in many ways and I'm here to tell sit back and read through..

Do you know that Music hits YOU in an amazing way when it has visuals to it. Like how you don't really like a song and then the MUSIC video that's super clean comes out and you suddenly love the song. You would secretly say to your self "But I don't like this song before na, how come!?" Well my dear friend, its the clean visuals... The story behind it..*coughs Blow my mind.. Davido ft Chris Brown* But if the virtual isn't dope..let's say maybe the Artiste was dressed in a raggy cloth with shoes of a village farmer.. Coupled with face wey oily like Something bleh...You would not only 'not like' the song will HATE the song, the artiste.. And you will probably curse him too..
My broda, Buy that shoe,,,or that clothing that would make your virtual as dope as your Music..Your Music will HIT more!! Even by seeing you alone!!

Wait again! Do you also know that The Industry GATE keepers and REIGNING Music superstars from Don Jazzy, Wizkid, Burnaboy, Davido etc don't really have time to go listen to your MUSIC!? Well they don't. Rarely does it happen before they notice your LOOK. So you as an upcoming artiste goes to perform at a show that's Headlined by WIZKID or PHYNO.. And you happened to be in the same room with these guys..Excited you are! You sharpaly find way to approach them or their management..what do you think they notice first!? YOUR LOOK. Believe me guy,if you looking like shit, you won't even get to them before the BOUNCER dash you slap. Or pushes you back. And Even if you get to give them your music, they will just drop it in a trash..why? because your lame outlook as already done the damage.
So my sister/brother, Go ahead, buy that shoe or necklace or still're a star, Remember that's how stars do..cuz If you don't, Your Music will suffer it in a way you didn't EXPECT.

Now There's a rule to this "Buy that investment" Mindset.. 
You must not struggle to buy the shoe. If that shoe is 15,000 naira and you have 18,000 naira in your account...Don't buy that SHOE. Devise means to get more MONEY so you won't STRUGGLE after buying that shoe. If you do agidi buy am, YOU, YOUR MUSIC and everyone DEPENDING on you go hear am!

Now to wrap it all up. Let me tell you that this year alone..My outlook, dress sense and BRAND as paved way for me than any other associated connections. From GettIng my artiste, Sea Breeze to perform at Industreet with Mc Lander at Retail Hub, Ilupeju... To meeting with Pepenazi and Illbiss at the Don't Drop The Mic Concert, Ikoyi... To so many other Little but encouraging developments... I can tell you that it's not just Hard work, Knowledge, Consistency or Almighty God alone that fuels the journey...That "SHOE" is part of it all. My outlook and Brand are all part of the spice.

So Dear artiste, entertainer or Business man/woman..Buy that shoe, na investment too for your Music. Thank you.
I'm Daniel Scott Eleh (@_daniellscott), A great asset to the Nigerian Music Industry. 
#RaymistManagementCompany (@RaymistMgtCompany)

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